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Kinderopvang Wageningen arranges the transportation from school to the after school care location at regular school times and school locations. The costs for transportation are included in the tariff.

how is the transportation arranged?
If possible, our pedagogic staff collects the children at school by foot or by bike. In some situations this is not possible. In that case, the children will be transported by a minivan from Kinderopvang Wageningen.

for the BSO groups from 4 to 7 year
Children from these groups will be picked up at school: 

  • by foot by pedagogic staff members 
  • by minivan

for BSO groups from 7 to 9.5/10 year
Children from these groups will be picked up at school, preferably by bike. This is faster, and therefore more fun for the kids, and besides that they also learn to participate in the traffic. So: 

  • by bike by pedagogic staff members
  • in case children do not have their bike: walking with the pedagogic staff
  • by minivan.

In case the parents give their consent, children are also allowed to come to the BSO independently. In case the parents and pedagogic staff members both agree, agreements will be made and this will be written down on the form ‘kindgegevens BSO-kind’.

for the BSO groups from 9.5 year
These children are considered to come to the BSO independently. Both the parents and the pedagogic assistants make agreements about this and the parents will give their consent  on the form ‘kindgegevens BSO-kind’.

The drivers of the minivans and our pedagogic staff members wear a dark blue vest with our logo on it, together with a button with their name on it.

about the transportation by minivan 
Kinderopvang Wageningen owns a couple of minivans. The minivans are suitable for a maximum of 8 children. All seats are equipped with a safety belt.

In case children are being transported by minivan for the first time, the taxi driver is always informed and will pay some extra attention to the child in question.

Attention points for parents 

  • Could you please inform your child and the teacher about what days your child will go to the BSO and how he/she will be transported?
  • The drivers have a daily list on which the children are written down that have to be picked up by minivan at the different schools. Before their ride, the drivers go to the Service Bureau to check in and to see which children will not come that day, or which children will be extra. Could you please check out your child through the ouderportaal in case your child is not going to the BSO on a particular day? This prevents unnecessary searching by the driver and the pedagogic staff.
  • Could you please notice us 3 weeks before, in case the school, school location or school times of your child change? All these changes influence the planning of the transportation (e.g. the locations of the school, but also the change from junior grade to senior grade).
  • Transportation to the BSO at abnormal school times and/or (school) locations cannot be executed by us. 
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