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The fees are divided into the different care types, see the table below. We would like to point out that the actual costs will be much lower in case you are entitled to receive childcare allowance. You can calculate the costs for your specific situation, by clicking the link in the second column of the table below (changes or errors not included).


tarieven KDV 2021 bereken uw bruto/netto kosten 2021
tarieven BSO 2021 bereken uw bruto/netto kosten 2021
tarieven Spelenderwijs  2021 bereken uw bruto/netto kosten 2021

explanation concerning the fees

  • The rates for child daycare and after school care are all-in, meaning diapers, food and drinks (with an exception of formula, you will have to bring your own milk for your baby) and transportation (from school to the after school care “BSO”) are included in the price.
  • We have fixed hourly rates. For the regular care (= non flexible care forms), we have calculated an average monthly rate, based on this hourly rate and our opening hours (irrespective of whether you use these hours).
  • In case of the after school care, we have calculated an average number of hours per month, based on the opening hours during school weeks and holiday weeks (during the latter the “BSO” centres are open all day long).
  • In case you have a “BSO” full service package, the hourly rate will be lower in case you (also) have a Wednesday or Friday afternoon in your package. 

placement agreement and annual review
Before the care starts, you will receive a placement agreement stating the monthly costs, the number of care hours, the hourly rate and the registration number of the National Register Child care and Playgroups (“Landelijk Register Kinderopvang en Peuterspeelzalen”). You will need these data to apply for childcare allowance. In case of the flexible care forms we will make an estimation of the number of hours or the minimal yearly hours, and those will be mentioned in the placement agreement. At the end of a calendar year, approximately in February, you will receive an annual review. This will give you the average hourly rate and the total number of hours that is invoiced.

You will receive an invoice for the costs of the care on a monthly base, prior to the month the care is applied. The Tax Department pays childcare allowance (if applicable) also prior to the month the care is applied. In case of flexible care, you will receive an invoice after the care is applied, after the actual used hours are known. The amount stated on the invoice will be transferred from your bank account on the first work day of the month. 

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