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The government and all employers contribute to the costs of child care through the childcare allowance. Parents can apply for this allowance at the Tax Services through (you will need a BSN (social security number) and a DigiD for this) or through the Tax Phone (0800-0543). You can find all the information that is needed to apply on our placement agreements.

When are you eligible for child care allowance?
In case you and your eventual partner:

  • Work (also as an independent entrepreneur)
  • Are part of a target group (e.g. students and participants to a re-integration project)

In case you do not work and are not part of a target group, but you do need care for social-medical reasons, you can go to the city hall and apply for a compensation in the costs.

The most important rules regarding child care allowance are:

  • Applying, changing and canceling childcare allowance should be done by yourself, this is never done automatically.
  • You have to apply for the allowance within three months after the month your child goes to the care for the first time.
  • A maximum of 140% (child daycare) and 70 % (after  school care) of the number of hours of the parent who has the smallest job, will be paid to you in child care allowance.
  • Per child a maximum of 230 hours per month will be paid. 
  • Besides a maximum number of hours, also a maximum hourly rate applies. Costs above this maximum hourly rate will not be eligible for childcare allowance.
  • Do you stop working or do you become unemployed? You will keep the right to childcare allowance for 3 months after your last working day. You will have to calculate the number of hours you or your partner were working the last month before you stopped working.
  • The right to child care allowance expires the first day of the month your child goes to secondary education. 

The government often changes the rules regarding childcare allowance! Therefore always check the most accurate and up to date information on On this website you can also easily make a calculation how much child care allowance you will receive. To do so, you will need your yearly income, the number of hours care and the hourly rate of the care.


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