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guest parent agency

Parents of children in the age of 0-13 years can go to a guest parent through our guest parent agency. The guest parent agency has guaranteed the careful selection and thorough guidance of the care for over 30 years. We also highly value a pleasant and personal cooperation with our guest parents.

Guest parental care is different from group daycare because of the homelike, small scale character. A trusted relationship with always the same guest parent is important, because attachment plays a major role in the development of especially young children. Guest parent care makes this possible! We want to place children in a pleasurable ambience where they feel safe and comfortable.

Would you like more information about guest parental care?
You can give us a call, without any obligations, through phone number 0317-412010 on Monday to Friday from 9:00 am-12:30 pm. Of course you can also come by for a personal conversation, it’s however advisable to make an appointment first by giving us a call. We also have an information leaflet about guest parent care.

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