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basic principles of pedagogic policy  
A child’s development occurs first of all in their own environment, in which the parents are the most important educators. The role of child care centres, and of the individual pedagogic staff is supplementary to the role that the parents play in a child’s education, and the education that the child receives at home. At our child day care centres we strive to create an environment which makes children feel comfortable, stimulates self-confidence and trust in others, and encourages children to develop respect for themselves and for others. 

One of our pedagogic principles is to safeguard emotional security. This is achieved by offering structure, assigning permanent pedagogic staff, and observing rituals and celebrations. Another principle is encouraging children to do things together and to share things, not only “toys and books”, but also “happiness and sadness”. On paper it seems very straightforward. Children who feel secure develop a strong basis for their further development. Only when children feel secure, will they start exploring. And only when they start exploring, will they get to know the world.

In practise however, it is a lot more complicated but also a lot more interesting. Practise is our area of expertise.

You can find our pedagogic policy here.  

general pedagogic policy
Our pedagogic policy describes vision, principles and the basic pedagogic rules with which we work in practise. This policy forms the basis for our organization as a whole. The four educational goals, as described in the child care law, form an integral part of our policy.

The educational goals as described by the law are as follows: 

  • emotional security
  • personal competence
  • social competence
  • socialization, transfer of culture and norms and values

We have reached an agreement regarding the meaning of the four educational goals and how we will achieve them. These are our pedagogic principles which apply to the organization as a whole. 

Based on our practical experience the pedagogic policy, including its basic principles, are regularly considered, evaluated and adjusted. This is done in collaboration with the parental committees. The policy is therefore never “finished”, but always evolving!

pedagogic policy for each location  
Supplementary to the pedagogic policy which applies to the whole organization, each location has its own pedagogic policy.

These policies typically show the location’s individual character as well as their own interpretation of the general pedagogic policy. Even though we form one single organization, we think it is important to have diversity within our child care programs.

Choosing for child care at Kinderopvang Wageningen means choosing for care that suits both your child and you as a parent. And luckily you have a lot to choose from. We have almost all forms of care available.   

You can find the pedagogic policy of your location under 'our locations'.

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