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Kindercentrum Kinderkunst
Niemeijerstraat 27 
6701 CL  Wageningen


KDV 0 tot 4 jaar 
de Dijk en de Fontein 


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locatiemanager Marion van Leeuwen 
pedagogic policy  

in general

Child care centre Kinderkunst consists of two day care groups. In both groups care is possible for children in the age between 0-4 year.  Each group consists of approximately twelve children.
Kinderkunst offers two types of care:

  • all day care
  • flexible care

Distinctive for our location is the small scale and the homey atmosphere in the beautiful monumental building, situated at the edge of the city centre. The groups have large and light spaces. The atmosphere is characterised by tranquillity and cosiness. The garden is arranged with natural materials. There are small tracks to ride bikes, shrubs for the children to hide in and slopes to slide from.
Kinderkunst also has a vegetable garden, in which our pedagogic staff, together with the children, saw seeds, weed and harvest the results. 
We offer a varied day program with quiet and active moments. The pedagogic staff indicate the structure of the day, whereby there are plenty of moments for children to choose their own activities.

With young children we follow their home schedule as much as possible. But the situation in a day care centre is not equal to the one at home. Care in a group means that we make sure that áll children get enough attention. Considering food and drinks we follow the child’s schedule as much as possible up to the age of one year. However we cannot feed your child before 09.00 hours and after 17.00 hours. We can feed your child vegetable bites from home up to the age of one year. After one year you child joins in our feeding schedules.

pedagogic policy


We have a general pedagogic policy which covers the whole organisation; but we also have a specific pedagogic policy for each location, in which the character of the location is described (see text cadre above).
Below you can find an impression of the pedagogic policy of Kinderkunst. 

Kids are curious. It is our vision that kids develop themselves  continuously as they explore and discover things. It is the pedagogic staffs job to create different opportunities for exploration. We have eyes for what could be a next step in each child’s exploration or development and seek the right arrangement and/or activities with it.
We pay lots of attention to creativity and the social development of children. The kids create works of art together regularly, preferably from waste material. These are showed in the group and photo’s and reports are sent to parents through the app. 

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