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kindercentrum Menzjes
Lawickse Allee 130
6709 DZ  Wageningen


KDV 0-4 jaar 
1 group 


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locatiemanager Geerriska van Ommeren

 pedagogic policy


in general

Menzjes consists of one group for children within the age of 0-4 years and is located on the ground floor of the Menzis building. A maximum number of 12 children is taken care of at Menzjes, so this is a very small location. 
The children play a lot in the large discovery garden. We have a sand pit, a small water stream, a play house and lots of space to ride bikes. There are lots of plants available in the garden, to make sure all the senses of the children will be triggered. The younger children can use the big outdoor playpen. 
We pay a lot of attention to the development of children at their own pace, for creativity and both structured and free activities by means of themes. For this we use the “Startblokken” method. We observe and listen to the children very well to make sure we can connect to their own experiences.
Together with the children, we visit elderly people in care center ‘Pieter Pauw’ once per month (on a Friday). The interaction between the children of Menzjes and the aged people is fantastic to see. We find it important to show and partake our social involvement.

pedagogic policy of the location
We have a general pedagogic policy, which covers the whole organisation; but we also have a specific pedagogic policy for each location (see text cadre above), in which the character of the location is described. Below you can find an impression of the pedagogic policy of Menzjes.

Menzjes is a small scale child centre. This ensures a feeling of solidarity between the children, the parents and the pedagogic staff.
Our pedagogic emphasis relating to the children
• We work with the method “Startblokken”. This is important to us, because it can contribute to an optimal development of communication, working together, involvement, self-confidence and motoric skills.
• We offer children an environment in which they can be stimulated in their development in a playful way, in a group with other children and under skilled supervision.
• We work in a way that connects to the experiences of children.
• We make sure the children feel emotionally safe.
• We appreciate and stimulate personal and social competences.
• We offer children safety and trust, by offering clarity in the means of their own, familiar group with pedagogic staff they are acquainted with, a fixed daily schedule and clear rules
• We observe the children carefully.
• We work with themes that connect with the experiences of the children and their daily life.
We choose themes that challenge the children towards imitation play (doing just as and imitating adults), manipulative play (playing with objects and materials such as sand and water), movement play, simple role play and language (small talk, reading aloud, singing songs).
• We stimulate independence and self-confidence of the children, for instance while eating or getting dressed.
• We transfer norms and values. We teach the children to appreciate and respect each other and to take into account one another.
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