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BSO Ons Huis
Harnjesweg 84b
6706 AV  Wageningen


BSO 7 tot 9,5 jaar
groepen: Escape en Binnenstebuiten  


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locatiemanager Marion van Leeuwen
pedagogic policy 
Ons Huis 

In general
Afterschool care Ons Huis consists of two groups for children from 7 to 9,5 years old, named Binnenstebuiten and Escape. The BSO is located in a building called “Ons Huis” (‘Our house’); on the front side of the building an neighbourhood centre/city craft centre is located and the back side of the building is home to our afterschool care. The side of the BSO is next to a big school playground, which is both used by the BSO and the school. Many children from this school (the G.J. van den Brinkschool) come to our afterschool care. Besides the Van den Brinkschool, also children from de Montessorischool, de Jozefschool and de Zwaneridder come to BSO Ons Huis. The children from de Brinkschool come to Ons Huis by themselves (they just have to cross the playground); the children form the other schools are picked up by our pedagogic staff, preferably by bike, or by foot. So if possible, let your child go to school with his/her own bike.

Inside we have all kind of corners where the children can relax, read, play games, craft etcetera. We also have the possibility to play computer games and a Wii. For those games we have a registration system and children are only allowed to play for a restricted amount of time.

Outside we have the big square with amongst others two soccer goals and two big wooden facilities in which the children can climb. We also have a garden with grass, a trampoline, a treehouse, a sand pit, small scale vegetable gardens and a shed to store all our stuff. So: lots of possibilities to play outside!

On both BSO groups there is room for 24 children per day. We have an ‘open doors’ policy. This means the children eat and drink and celebrate birthdays at their own group, but besides that they are free to choose at which group they would like to play.

We often have workshops at our location, for instance theatre play, technics, music or yoga. On Fridays the BSO-children can attend swimming lessons in swimming pool de Bongerd: a minivan transports the children to and from the pool.

During school holidays we always set up an activity programme. This includes lots of excursions, but also things like learning how to draw comics, to drum etcetera by a professional. The children also like to cook and bake during the holidays.

Each group has two or three fixed pedagogic staff members. On the busy days (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) two people work at each group; on more quit days one pedagogic staff member is employed per group, or two staff members at one group and one at the other group.

pedagogic policy of the location
We have a general pedagogic policy, which covers the whole organisation; but we also have a specific pedagogic policy for each location (see documents location in the “ouderportaal”), in which the character of the location is described. Below you can find an impression of the pedagogic procedure of Ons Huis.

We strive to offer each child a place where they can be themselves and where they can develop social contacts with other children. We make sure we create a warm atmosphere to make sure children feel at home and safe at the BSO.

Our pedagogic emphasis relating to the children:

  • children should have fun.
  • we create a safe environment with respect, by paying attention to the children and having clear rules.
  • children have influence on how things go at the group, for instance can come up with what kind of activities we can undertake together and sometimes they can also reflect on the rules for the group.  
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