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Kindercentrum Pipeloi
Geertjesweg 3
6706 EA  Wageningen

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KDV 0 tot 4 years
0-2 jaar Roze, Lila en R/ood
2-4 jaar Blauw en Geel

Spelenderwijs 2 tot 4 years
2-4 jaar Bobbeltjesland

BSO 4 tot 7 years
3 groepen: Trollenhol, Duveltjes en Boefjesburcht


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locatiemanager Marion van Leeuwen    



Pedagogic policy




Marion van Leeuwen

in general
Pipeloi consists of a day care (KDV) and an afterschool care (BSO). The KDV offers care to children in the age from 0 to 4 year, the BSO to children from 4  to 7 years old. Pipeloi is located in the area east, close to a lot of schools. For many parents, Pipeloi is situated on the route between home, school and work. The KDV is located on the ground floor, aswell as a BSO group for children of 4 to 5 years. The BSO-groups for children of 4 to 7 years are based on the first floor. The building is surrounded by beautiful outside play areas on three sides. Those areas are right next to the groups and offer lots of possibilities to play and discover.

day care
The KDV has three baby groups (0-2 year), two toddler groups (2-4 year) and a half-day care group (a Spelenderwijs group) for children from 2 to 4 years of age. Besides the own group rooms, we also have a play room. In this play room there is lots of sports- and play-material available and the children can practice their motoric skills nicely here. This play room is also home to all kind of special activities such as music and dance workshops.

Babies have their own feeding and sleeping scheme, which slowly fits into the rhythm of the group.  Should you provide your child with a vegetable snack, we can feed this to your child once a day until the age of one years. For instance during luchtime, but any other time will do but not after 17.00 hours. Until the age of one year children can slowly get used to eating bread and we can give it -if desired- your vegetable snack in addition to bread. 

In the mornings we have fruit and in the afternoon we have fruit and crackers. At lunchtime we eat bread, sometimes accompanied by home made soup or even replaced by a plate of pasta or another cooked lunch.  

We often take the carts to go on excursions. For instance to the forest, to the market or to do some grocery shopping in the nearby supermarket.

Each group has three to four fixed pedagogic staff members, who work in shifts during the week. You will usually find two pedagogic assistants working at a group.

At Pipeloi also two persons with a light mental disability are employed. They are always supervised by a pedagogic staff member and we have clear rules about the activities they perform.

after school care
The BSO has three groups for children from 4 to 7 years old and on the ground floor one group for children from 4 to 5 years old, on monday, tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The BSO of Pipeloi is coupled with the primary schools that are located closely: the Jozefschool, the Montessorischool, the Zwaneridder and the G.J. van den Brinkschool. The children are being picked up at school mostly by foot by their own pedagogic staff.

Some of the children from the Montessorischool, G.J. van den Brinkschool and from the Jozefschool go to Pipeloi and some of them go to de Belhamel. Which BSO a child from the G.J. van den Brinkschool attends, depends on the availability during the days a child goes to the BSO. During holidays and free school days all the children go to Pipeloi.

The children eat and drink at their own group, but they are allowed to play at the other groups. We call this an ‘open door policy’. Besides the own group rooms, each group has their own room and the large hall on the ground floor in which the children can release their energy or for instance build dens.

On Tuesday’s there are music lessons at the BSO, given by a music teacher. On Fridays the BSO-children can attend swimming lessons in swimming pool de Bongerd: a minivan transports the children to and from the pool. The parents can sign up their children for these activities.

Each group has three or four fixed pedagogic staff members. At the busy days two people work at a group, on days with less children one pedagogic staff member is employed.

pedagogic policy of the location
We have a general pedagogic policy, which covers the whole organisation; but we also have a specific pedagogic policy for each location (see text cadre above), in which the character of the location is described.
Below you can find an impression of the pedagogic procedure of Pipeloi.

We want to offer the children a place where they feel welcome and can be who they are.

Our pedagogic emphasis relating to the children:

  • respect the children
  • involvement with the child and the family
  • in a homey and cosy atmosphere
  • at a place where it is fun; having a nice time is important
  • with versatile and engaging possibilities to play
  • where children can meet each other and can play together with/next to other children
  • with lots of attention and chances of development for children

We work with themes, and use the method Startblokken. The vision behind Startblokken is that children are curious and want to learn and discover all kind of things. The ‘real’ world is important: children want to do what grownups do. For instance, laying the table is for children a very interesting activity, from which they can learn a lot: what do we need, can you put the cheese on the table (motoric skills), what is that called (language), how many cups do we need (counting), etcetera.

We mainly address the positive initiatives of children and try to formulate in a positive way what is desired. Instead of ‘no running in the hallway’, we say: ‘in the hallway we walk calmly’. We ignore negative or undesired behaviour as much as possible, and we try to bend this by saying or demonstrating what we dó expect from the child or what other possibilities are available.

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