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Sport BSO de Bongerd
Bornsesteeg 2 B                      
6708 PE Wageningen   


BSO 7 plus 
06-25390224 (attended on monday,  tuesday en thursday afternoons)

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pedagogic policy

Sport BSO

Linda Jochemsen 

in general
The Sport BSO has one group of a maximum of 20 children in the age between 7 to 12 years old. The Sport BSO is open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, during school weeks. During the holidays the children can attend one of our other BSO facilities.

We have the policy that children go to the Sport BSO one day per week, the other days (if desired) the children can go to a BSO that is coupled with their school.

De Sport BSO is based in the clubhouse of the athletics association Pallas, at sportsground de Bongerd. That is where we start the afternoon: relax a bit, talk, eat and drink something, change clothing and then: sport! The common sports hour is from 04.00pm and 05.00pm, and every child that attends the Sport BSO in involved in this hour. At 05.00pm we return to our clubhouse and that is where the children can be picked up by their parents. Between 05.00pm and 06.15pm the children can undertake all sorts of things: reading, playing a board game, playing outside, etcetera.
We offer a broad and changing programme of different sports and games, such as tennis, hockey, basketball, rounders, miniature golf and of course using the athletics course with amongst others sprinting and javelin. Sometimes we instruct the sport ourselves, at other moments we work together with local sports associations. We can always use the big lawn behind the swimming pool and we regularly go to ‘de Blauwe Bergen’ (the blue mountains) in the Northwest area, a nice spot to practise all different kinds of sports and play. We use the Tarthorst gym for indoor sports and in case the weather is bad we can always use their facilities. Another option in case of bad weather conditions is to have a programme with different games in our clubhouse.

Two fixed pedagogic staff members are employed on each day the Sport BSO is open: one man and one woman.

Your child will need for the Sport BSO:

  • sporting clothes and -shoes; one set for outside and one set for inside sports. You will know in advance which clothes your child will need because the programme will be in the Sport BSO monthly newsletter.
  • special materials: in most cases we can use the supplies of the sport associations, we also have materials ourselves. Some things however are personal, such as a bit (for teeth protection) which is obliged for everyone who plays hockey, even though it is just for a few times. You have to buy this bit yourself, you can do so at Intersport Winners. The costs are approximately 5 euro.

pedagogic policy
We have a general pedagogic policy, which covers the whole organisation; but we also have a specific pedagogic policy for each location (see textframe above), in which the character of the location is described. Below you can find an impression of the pedagogic procedure of the Sport BSO.

The Sport BSO offers children an environment after school in which they can be themselves and where they can develop themselves through means of sport and games in their free time. Not the accomplishments, but the child and the sport experience are important. We see sports as a way to stimulate the development of children. What is important is to occupy ourselves in a healthy way, at a level that is appropriate for each child.

Sports and games are really well for the social development of children. They learn to play together, they encounter game elements such as winning and losing, they learn to cope with disappointment, motivating each other, etcetera. Our motto is: ‘We do the best we can and we can stand loosing!’

We also involve the children in the daily activities such as washing fruit, making crackers, cleaning up, etcetera. This teaches the children how to perform these activities and the importance of doing these tasks together.


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