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kindercentrum Villa Beestenboel
Haverlanden 88
6708 GP Wageningen


KDV 0 tot 4 years
0-4 jaar Kriskras en Zigzag

BSO 4 tot 13 years 

4-7 years Kakelbont, Mikmak en Ratjetoe
7-10 years Wirwar en Krekel
10 plus Rifraf


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Pedagogic policy

Villa Beestenboel 

Linda Jochemsen 

in general
Villa Beestenboel is located in a former school building. The location has, since the start in 2008, grown to a location with two groups for day care (KDV) for children from 0-4 years and six groups for afterschool care (BSO) for 4 to 13 years. Our location is light and spacious, and we have an outdoor space surrounding our building. The garden is divided into separate parts for the specific age groups: KDV, BSO 4-7 and BSO 7-10 plus.

This results in an outdoor space that is established for each separate age group, which keeps it challenging for the children. The oldest children have a playground at the backside of the building with a basketball/football field where sports and play activities are offered. This is also the spot with a beautiful tree hut.

Villa Beestenboel is a sparkling location with lots of attention to playing outside and activities. We also have (as our name already implies: ‘Beestenboel’ translates as ‘animal kingdom’) animals at our location: rodents and chicken, which are being cared for together with the children. This has a superior value to our location, especially for the BSO. By participating in different projects, we also sometimes have temporary animals, such as during the butterfly project.

Both at the day care and the BSO, the children are invited to play at other groups than their own. This location can care for your child from playpen to high school.

day care
We have two vertical day care groups for children in the age of 0-4 years: Zigzag and Kriskras. Each group has amaximum number of  12 children per day. Both groups are connected to each other through a space where a kitchen and the bedrooms are situated. The children of Kriskras and Zigzag are being cared for in light and cosy group rooms. This is where the daily rituals and activities within the own group take place, such as activities within the theme, but also eating and drinking, singing, reading (aloud), etcetera. Besides the activities within the own group, there are lots of possibilities to play with the children of the other group. The doors are often open, and we also offer activities for both groups together.

The hallway is also a place to play for the children of the day care, especially fantasy play in small groups takes place here.

We can play at the outside playground, which we share with the 4 to 7 years old of the BSO, but we also have our own, safe and shady garden at the front side of the building.

Both groups have fixed pedagogic staff members, who work at different days. During days with a smaller amount of children both groups are joined, but always with a pedagogic assistant the children are familiar with.

after school care
Villa Beestenboel has six groups for after school care (BSO). That is three groups for children in the age of 4 to 7 years: Kakelbont, Mikmak and Ratjetoe; two groups for children of 7-10 years of age: Wirwar and Krekel; and one group for children from 10-13 years old: Rifraf. These groups are housed in three units, according to the age groups. These units are physically divided from each other, which creates clarity and calmness for the children. There is of course the possibility to play together. On a regular basis we organise activities for all BSO groups, such as a child cooking cafe or ‘heel Villa Beestenboel bakt dag’ (“Everybody at Villa Beestenboel bakes-day”). Our location is closely located to the primary schools that are coupled with Villa Beestenboel: de Piekschool, de Margrietschool and de Kardinaal Alfrinkschool. This makes it possible for our pedagogic staff to collect the children from school by foot. When the children are ten years old and go to Rifraf, they come to the BSO independently.

pedagogic policy of the location
We have a general pedagogic policy, which covers the whole organisation; but we also have a specific pedagogic policy for each location (see text cadre above) in which the character of the location is described. Below you can find an impression of the pedagogic policy of Villa Beestenboel.

At Villa Beestenboel we work with the method Startblokken. Startblokken starts with the notion that children are curious and want to learn and discover. Children learn the most when they are fascinated by something, something that has meaning to them at that particular moment. It is important to see this and to seize and create opportunities, so that children can take action themselves. Because it is the own activities of the children that advances their development. The ‘real’ world is also very important: children like to imitate grownups. For instance laying the table is a very interesting activity for the children from which they can learn a lot: what do we need, can you put the cheese on the table (motoric skills), what is that called (language), how many cups do we need (counting), etcetera.

While offering activities, we take into account the composition of the group and what children want for themselves, and we then come up with activities that are meaningful. 

Working thematically with Startblokken continues at the 4+ groups of the BSO, where a joint theme is chosen and each group (depending on the interest the children show) gives its own substance to the activities that are performed.

In our relation to the children and to each other we emphasize having respect for each other, listening to each other and paying attention to one another.

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