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kindercentrum de Belhamel
Brinkerweg 1
6707 GD  Wageningen


KDV 0-4 jaar
0-2 years: Druppel
0-4 years: Plons

Spelenderwijs 2-4 years
2-4 years: Spetter


BSO 4 tot 10 years
het Kraaiennest



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Linda Jochemsen 

  pedagogic policy

de Belhamel

in general
De Belhamel is a centrally in Wageningen located child care centre that offers care to children in the age of 0 to 10 years old. This means we both offer day care for children from 0 to 4 years and afterschool care for children from 4 to 10 years.

The nice, light and friendly looking building has, besides the own group rooms, a big central hallway. This hallway is a meeting place for parents, children and pedagogic staff, but also a spot where different activities take place. Activities such as theatrical performances, performed and organised by the children and common meals and parties. Our (open) kitchen is also located in our central hallway.

De Belhamel is enclosed by a spacious garden. The children often play outside, also in case the weather is not perfect. If possible, we undertake excursions with the children. These can be small excursions such as looking at a big crane that is present is the neighbourhood, or for instance going grocery shopping or playing in the nearby playground.

Each group has their own pedagogic staff, but because of the small scale of de Belhamel, every child knows all pedagogic staff members that work at de Belhamel.

Half day care is also possible at de Belhamel, together with the 40-weeks package at the day care (excluding the school holidays).

day care
The day care consists of three groups.

Druppel is a baby group for children in the age of zero to two years old, in which a maximum of twelve children is being cared for. The group room is located in a quiet corner of the building and is set up with different corners, to make sure the children can explore the world within the safe boundaries of their own group. The group room is light and looks friendly. We also have a separated outdoor space in which the children can nicely play outside.

Toddler group Spetter offers care to fourteen to sixteen children in the age between two and four years of age. The group room has several differently arranged corners to play in, because playing is learning. Spetter adjoins a large outdoor playground, which we share with the vertical group Plons. At toddler group Spetter we also work with VVE. VVE stands for ‘Voor- en Vroegschoolse Educatie’ (Pre- and Early school Education) and has as goal to give children the opportunity to develop themselves in an optimal way, giving them a good start at the primary school. This method is structured, with extra attention to children with (a chance of) arrears in their development. The extra attention for these children is being carried out by the pedagogic staff members of the group.

The vertical group Plons offers care to a maximum of eleven children in the age of zero to four years old. This group is arranged in such a way that both the smallest children and also the older children can play nicely. Plons adjoins a large outdoor playground, with a separate part for babies. This playground is shared with the Spetter group.

The (older) children of Plons and Spetter often meet each other in the central hallway while playing together or in small groups.

after school care
At the first floor of de Belhamel you can find BSO het Kraaiennest (‘the crow’s nest’). This floor has three group room that are totally arranged for the children. There is a kitchen room where we eat and drink together with the children, but we also sometimes cook here or craft. The other two rooms have several corners where the children can build, we have a house corner, a corner where they can disguise themselves and perform theatre acts, we have couches where the children can relax and there are lots of books to read. Through our own outside staircase the children can reach our BSO garden where they can play, we even have a piece of ‘real’ forest in which lots of things can be discovered.

During the school holidays the children of BSO Kraaiennest go to the location of Pipeloi. Joining with Pipeloi means a larger offer of activities and more chances to play with children of their own age.

pedagogic policy of the location
We have a general pedagogic policy, which covers the whole organisation; but we also have a specific pedagogic policy for each location (see text cadre above), in which the character of the location is described. Below you can find an impression of the pedagogic policy of de Belhamel.

At the KDV groups of de Belhamel we work with the method Startblokken. Startblokken starts with the notion that children are curious and want to learn and discover. Children learn the most when they are fascinated by something, something that has meaning to them at that particular moment. It is important to see this and to seize and create opportunities, so that children can take action themselves. Because it is the own activities of the children that advances their development. The ‘real’ world is also very important: children like to imitate grownups. For instance laying the table is a very interesting activity for the children from which they can learn a lot: what do we need, can you put the cheese on the table (motoric skills), what is that called (language), how many cups do we need (counting), etcetera.

While offering activities, we take into account the composition of the group and what children want for themselves, and we then come up with activities that are meaningful. Every 5-6 weeks we have a special theme, which is being used throughout our whole location, so also BSO het Kraaiennest offers activities within this theme.
In our relation to the children and to each other we emphasize having respect for each other, listening to each other and paying attention to one another.


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