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preschool care for children of OBS de Wereld


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Pedagogic policy

de Kleine Wereld


Geerriska van Ommeren




in general
De Kleine Wereld is a small scale child care centre and since October 2015 it is located in a dependance of primary school OBS de Wereld. There is also a school class located in this wing. Our location consists of one group, called “de Kleine Wereld”, a Spelenderwijs group in which we work with the VVE method (“Voor- en Vroegschoolse Educatie”, ‘Before and Preschool Education’)  for children in the age of 2-4 years old. They come and play with us in the mornings.

We have a spacious and light group with different corners to play in, to make sure all developmental areas are covered. Besides that, we have a lovely large garden with beautiful fruit trees and blackberry bushes, of which we can feast whenever they are ripe. The children can play nicely in the garden, they can ride bikes, there is a sand pit in which they can dig or bake sand pies, there is a wooden play house and a playset with a slide. 

Spelenderwijs group de Kleine Wereld is for children in the age of 2-4 year. De Kleine Wereld works with the VVE method Startblokken. Primary school OBS de Wereld also works in a developmental way with a VVE method, so de Kleine Wereld connects very well with the primary school, to which a lot of our children go when they turn 4 years of age. Our group room is divided into several corners in which all developmental areas are covered, such as: motoric skills, language and counting, creativity, observing, social emotional skills, personal development and self-reliance. 

We have a constant daily routine which is supported by daily routine cards, and fixed rituals are used on a daily basis. We eat and drink at the table, reading and singing is very important to us, we of course celebrate birthdays, but we also pay attention to the birth of brothers and sisters.
Once per month (on a Monday) we visit elderly people in care center “Pieter Pauw”.The children really like playing games with the aged people and sing songs with them. This gives us a nice way to express our social involvement.
The location is open 40 weeks per year and is closed during school holidays.

preschool care (VSO)
At de Kleine Wereld we offer the possibility to use preschool care each morning during school weeks from 07.30am-08.30am for children who attend primary school OBS de Wereld.

pedagogic policy of the location
We have a general pedagogic policy, which covers the whole organisation; but we also have a specific pedagogic policy for each location (see text cadre above), in which the character of the location is described. Below you can find an impression of the pedagogic policy of de Kleine Wereld.

The way we work at our location de Kleine Wereld is based on working in a developmental way using the method Startblokken. Our pedagogic staff follow the children in their experiences. They guide and stimulate the children by choosing activities that are important to them. During each activity we carefully watch the goal:  why we offer this activity.

Our pedagogic emphasis relating to the children:
• To pay attention to the own development of each child, we follow their own rhythm.
• Stimulating the independence of the children by letting them do things they can already do at their own pace, such as: making their own bread, getting (un)dressed
• Learning to deal with delayed attention, for instance waiting for your turn.
• Stimulating self-reliance of the children, for instance in having contacts with other children.
• A respectful approach of children.
• A nice environment where children can meet and play together.
• Being involved with the home situation of the children.
• To pay attention to different cultures.
• Creating a safe and positive environment and atmosphere at the group.
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