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kindercentrum het Kievitsnest
Kievitsweide 26
6708 BP Wageningen 


KDV 0 tot 4 jaar
0-4 years: Geel 
0-2 years: Groen


2-4 years: Blauw


BSO 4 tot 10 years (4-7 en 7-10 jaar)
4-7 years: de Snelle Kiwi's
7-10 years: de Coole Pinguins 



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locatiemanager Geerriska van Ommeren

 pedagogic policy 

het Kievitsnest   

in general
Het Kievitsnest is located at de Kievitsweide, right next to the Johan Frisoschool location South. De location exists for already some time, but it is renovated in 2009 until what it is at present. At the moment het Kievitsnest has three KDV groups: one vertical group for children in the age of 0-4 year, one baby group for 0-2 year olds and one toddler group for 2-4 year, in which we also work with the VVE method (“Voor- en Vroegschoolse Educatie”). 

Our central hallway offers the possibility for common activities. The BSO has one group with a maximum of 20 children in the age of 4-7 year and one group with a maximum of 10 children in the age group of 7-10 year old. The location is situated in an old school building, as a result there is a spacious room inside that is all set up fitting all areas of development and according to the age of the children. 
We have a nice, big, green garden. The younger children have access to their own garden, away from the BSO, with sand pit, a small bush, a track to ride bikes, a labyrinth in the grass and lots of shady spots thanks to the big trees in our garden. 
Furthermore we have a vegetable garden where we can work and harvest with the younger aswell as the older children. The BSO garden has a cycling track and a small hill to climb on and roll off. There is a gardenkitchen and a water pump for the warm, summer days. Next to our garden we have the possibility to play at the playground of the Johan Frisoschool location South.

day care
The day care has three groups. The “gele groep” (yellow group) for children from 0-4 year, the “groene groep” (green group) for the age of 0-2 year and the “blauwe groep” (blue group) for 2-4 year. The groups of the day care are set up in such a way that different corners are present, in which all developmental areas can be explored. At our base groups we eat and drink and we undertake all kind of activities together. We sing, read out loud and celebrate the birthdays of the children and the births of brothers and sisters. Besides the activities at the base groups, we also undertake activities together, such as doing gymnastics at the Johan Frisoschool, playing with sand and water during the national Mud Day and visiting grandpa’s and grandma’s at Rumah Kita.

after school care
The BSO is situated on the first floor of het Kievitsnest and consists of three spacious rooms. Our BSO is a home for children within the age of 4 to 10 years old, divided in two groups: “de coole pinguïns” (7-10 year) and “de snelle kiwi's”  (4-7 year). In the daily practise both groups are integrated and we work together a lot. The older children help the smaller children and the younger children learn from the older children. 
The rooms at the first floor each have their own function. The room where we find the boxes with the childrens personal belongings and coats is also used as a space for romping and chilling. The central room with the kitchen is used by the small kiwi’s for  eating and drinking. We also use it for playing games, building with lego and playing with the football table. The third room is the place for the coole pinguins to eat and drink. In this room children can furthermore enjoy themselves with paint, clay, glue and cost free materials. This room offers also a home- and booknook.
We work in such a way that, by offering all sorts of different activities in different rooms, we observe the children and see what occupies them. Of course we also take into account the different ages of the children at our BSO. We want to offer the children a nice and homey place where they can develop themselves in an optimal way, but above all: where they can be themselves!

policy of the location
We have a general pedagogic policy, which covers the whole organisation; but we also have a specific pedagogic policy for each location (see text cadre above), in which the character of the location is described. Below you can find an impression of the pedagogic procedure of het Kievitsnest.

The policy of het Kievitsnest is based on working in a developmental way using the method “Startblokken”. The pedagogic staff members follow the children in their experiences and accompany and guide them by choosing proper activities. When choosing activities, we carefully watch the goals why we offer an activity. However: not the end result is important, but the way towards it. We offer a structure in the activities: exploring, expanding, deepening.

 Our pedagogic emphasis relating to the children:

  • We work with themes, both at the BSO and the KDV.
  • An important aspect of our way of working is that by choosing activities we listen very well to the children and observe them carefully: what are they doing, where lies their interest, what is important for them in their development at the moment?
  • The groups of the KDV are divided into several corners. Each group has a craft corner, or ‘workshop area’. There is a couch where the babies are bottle fed or where books can be read. We have a doll/house corner where children can perform role play. In the read corner we work with the method “Boekstart”. This involves reading in an interactive way, where the children have the choice to read a book together with our pedagogic staff, or by themselves. It is important to us to get the children acquainted with books, because this stimulates the language development of children.
  • In all those corners we practise the theme in a different way. For instance during the theme ‘autumn’ we plant enormous trees in the craft corner, we have set up a theme table in the house corner, we read aloud about autumn, we use lots of pictures etcetera. Everything we do ‘breathes’ the atmosphere of our theme.
  • We eat with the children at the central table. This is also where we sit down to drink something or have activities together.
  • We carefully pay attention to the fact whether an activity is meaningful to the children. This means an activity should be ‘close to’ the children, it should be recognisable and has to add something to what they already know and can do. The more meaningful an activity to the children, the more they are involved!
  • We are involved in the children and their family.
  • We offer a safe and familiar environment for children by employing fixed and sensitive pedagogic staff.
  • The atmosphere within het Kievitsnest is warm and homey.
  • We stimulate the independence in children by for instance letting them put on their own coat or making their own sandwich.



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