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kindercentrum het Klokhuis
Piet Bakkerstraat 1-3  en 5-7           
6708 SW  Wageningen


KDV 0 tot 4 jaar
0-1 years Bellefleur 0317-450404
1-2 years Bloesem  0317-450404
2-4 years Stampertjes 0317-763722

BSO 4 tot 13 jaar
4-7 years Sterappels  0317-450404
7-10 years Fiesta 0317-763722 
10 years Elstar 0317-763722


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Geerriska van

 pedagogic policy

het Klokhuis





in general
Het Klokhuis is located in two buildings which are situated next to each other at the Piet Bakkerstraat. The location consists of three day care groups: a group with the age ranging from 0-1 year called Bellefleur; a group with ages from 1-2 years called Bloesem; and a group with ages from 2-4 years, called de Stampertjes. At het Klokhuis there are three afterschool care (BSO) groups, divided between both next to each other situated buildings: de Sterappeltjes (ages from 4-7 year); Fiësta for children between 7 and 10 years old; and Elstar: a 10+ group.

OBS Nijenoord and Johan Frisochool are situated around the corner so the BSO-children can be picked up by foot from their school by our pedagogic staff, or they come independently when they are older. 
On wednesdays and Fridays the children of BSO het Klokhuis and BSO het Kievitsnest play together. The children of OBS de Wereld, OBS de Tarthorst and de Johan Frisoschool locatie Zuid are then transported by the BSO bus of Kinderopvang Wageningen. 
The children easily go from one group to the next, because they are sometimes allowed to play in the next group beforehand and during quiet days, the children of the groups can play together.

The outside area consists of a sunny discovery garden in which the children can ride bikes, play with the tractor (made of real tractor tires), or in the play house. In the summer they can play with sand and water in the sand pit with a water table.

There is also a garden situated on the other side of the building, in which children can ride bikes and play with sand, and the children can also discover all kind of smells thanks to all the lovely natural elements that are available in this garden. The BSO children are also allowed to use the adjacent playground of the school. Lots of possibilities to play!

day care
The groups of the day care are very spacious and light. The baby group, Bellefleur, is the smallest of the three, and totally adapted to housing babies. The group room of Bloesem is situated right next to Bellefleur and both groups can be connected by doors that can be opened easily. On quiet days, and at quiet times during the day, we allow both the children of Bellefleur and Bloesem to play with each other at both groups. The group of de Stampertjes is located in the adjacent building. The toddlers have a beautiful, spacious and challenging group to play at, with lots of different possibilities to play, for instance a play house with a slide. The group has several different play-corners, such as the house-corner, the building-corner and a reading-corner, in which we also read aloud.

Already at a young age we let the children read and also read them aloud. “Boekstart”, in cooperation with the “BBLTHK” (the library), helps us to stimulate the language development of young children further.

We have a long table at which we eat together, and also craft. Of course there is also a bedroom. The rooms are painted in fresh ‘apple’ colours. Next to playing at the group and in our garden, we also like to go on excursions. Sometimes to do some grocery shopping, or we go to the BBLTHK, but also an excursion to the nearby farms in the adjacent “Binnenveld” is possible.

At het Klokhuis both whole and half day care is possible. 

after school care
The BSO consists of three groups. There are lots of things to do at BSO het Klokhuis! You can build with Kapla, play outside at the big school playground or in the BSO garden; or, in case you are allowed to go to the ditch, to watch water animals or play with the raft. You can also read or craft. 

The Sterappeltjes have four rooms at their disposal. In each room are different materials to give chance to the different areas of development. 
For the older children, we have a PC and a Wii. Fiësta and Elstar have two rooms where children can play and work with all kind of materials. In one room there is a woorden cabin that can be fitted up according to the current theme. 
At Elstar children can chill on the couch and play dart or pool. Well fit for children over 10 years old. 

We work with themes, using the method “Startblokken”. While we work with those themes, we link to the different age categories of the children.

During the school holidays, we have all day long, and we can go on excursions to for instance the zoo, or participate in a laser game activity with the older children. The children of BSO het Kievitsnest always play at our location during the holidays. Together we make sure we offer a nice and challenging range of activities, something for every child.
Furthermore we have a child-cook-café at Fiësta, during which children can cook for their parents and family. We cook lots of tasty meals coming from different countries. During each child-cook-café we pick a country to try recipes from.

pedagogic policy of the location
We have a general pedagogic policy, which covers the whole organisation; but we also have a specific pedagogic policy for each location, in which the character of the location is described. Below you can find an impression of the pedagogic procedure of het Klokhuis.

The policy of het Klokhuis is based on working in a developmental way using the method “Startblokken”. The pedagogic staff members follow the children in their experiences and accompany and guide them by choosing proper activities. When choosing activities, we carefully watch the goals why we offer an activity.

Our pedagogic emphasis relating to the children:

  • We offer children meaningful activities in a rich, challenging and changing play environment. We do this by working with themes. We use the themes in a broad way to undertake all kind of activities with the children.
  • We pay attention to the personality of the children. 
  • We make sure children feel emotionally safe and secure, to ensure the development of the children and as a result, children will start to discover the world by themselves.
  • We are involved with all our children and their parents.
  • We offer a nice and homey atmosphere at out groups.
  • With the children of the BSO we bake or cook together, or for instance decorate the group. In the extensive BSO-kitchen we offer the children different cooking techniques and unknown food-habits. This is one of the ways to learn to work together.
  • We take into account the individual needs and developmental level of each child and we pay extra attention to children with developmental arrears.
  • By means of big and small group activities we stimulate the social development of children and we teach them to take into account one another.
  • We teach the children to respect each other.
  • We stimulate learning by experience. For instance, in case children have a small argument with each other, we give them time to find out for themselves the best way to respond to this, in order for them to learn to solve conflicts by themselves.
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