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tienercentrum het Melkhuisje 
Churchillweg 39
6707 JB Wageningen 


BSO 9 to 13 years
Afterparty 9-11 jaar
Chill out 11-13 jaar 


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locatiemanager Marion van Leeuwen
pedagogic policy 
het Melkhuisje

in general

BSO het Melkhuisje offers care to children in the age of 9 to 13 years of age. We are located on the ground floor of het Melkhuisje. The name “Melkhuisje” (little milk house) originates from the original use of the building: it used to be the office of the milk fabric.

There are two groups at het Melkhuisje: Afterparty for the youngest kids (approximately 9 and 10 year old) and Chill Out (appr. 11 and 12 year old). The group Afterparty consists of a maximum of 24 children each day, the group Chill Out has a maximum number of 12 kids.

The starting point is that the children come from school to het Melkhuisje independently. After arriving they “sign up” at their own group. The children can get something to drink and we talk a bit at their own group, and after that they can decide for themselves what they want to do. We have a room with a pool table and a table tennis table, there are PCs, we have several different board games and lots of crafting material. And there are spacious living room areas where the children can chill.

The children can also go outside to undertake all sorts of things: there is a big square with two goals and two buckets. The children mostly play football! Furthermore we have a trampoline, a footpool, a treehouse and a vegetable garden.

During the school holidays we always have an activities programme. This involves lots of excursions, but also things like Expedition Robinson or ‘Who is the mole’, which we play at our own location. The children also like to bake and cook. They often go grocery shopping by themselves: such a terrific way to learn!

On the busier days (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) two pedagogic staff members work at Afterparty and one at Chill Out. On the more quiet days (Wednesday and Friday), both groups merge together and it is often possible to work with one pedagogic staff member.

pedagogic policy of the location

We have a general pedagogic policy, which covers the whole organisation; 

but we also have a specific pedagogic policy for each location, in which the character of the location is described. Below you can find an impression of the pedagogic procedure of het Melkhuisje.

At het Melkhuisje we try to relate to what is occupying the children and what they would like to do in their free, spare time. An enjoyable atmosphere and relaxation is important to us. Our goal is to make children feel at home and let them experience that they are all welcome.

Our pedagogic emphasis relating to the children:

  • we find it important that children develop a positive self-awareness and that they respect themselves and one another. We have clear behavioural rules, such as letting everyone finish their sentences and not excluding anyone. The children are involved in making up these behavioural rules.
  • we stimulate children to work together, but also to develop their own interests.
  • we make sure that the activities we offer challenge the children.
  • we support and learn the children to become defendable, to negotiate and solve conflicts.


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