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swimming lessons while going to the “BSO” (after school care)
For children from 4 years and older, we offer the possibility to follow swimming lessons for the A-diploma on Friday afternoon during after school care-time. Your child will go from school to the own BSO-location and will be transported to the swimming pool located at ‘de Bongerd’ in Wageningen, under accompaniment of one of our permanent staff members. After the swimming lessons your child will be transported back to his/ her own BSO.
We would like to emphasize that the swimming BSO can only be used in case your child goes to the BSO on Friday afternoon and that the school ends no later then 14.00 hours as it is otherwise impossible to start swimming in time.

cooperation between Kinderopvang Wageningen and swimming pool de Bongerd
The swimming lessons will be carried out by qualified swimming instructors of swimming pool “de Bongerd”. During transportation to and from the swimming pool, and before and after the swimming lessons, the children will be supervised by a pedagogic staff member of Kinderopvang Wageningen.

swimming lessons at swimming pool de Bongerd
At the website of the swimming pool, you can read in what way the swimming lessons are build up. We advise you to read this, before registering your child for swimming BSO. Pay attention: the swimming lessons last 45 minutes instead of a regular lesson of 1 hour. In case you have questions or regards about the swimming lessons, please address them to the swimming pool. Quite regularly there are ‘viewing days’, during which you can see the progress of your child with your own eyes. You can receive more information at the swimming pool.

the swimming test
Once every 4 weeks there will be a possibility to do the swimming test for the diploma A. Staff of the swimming pool will inform you about this by means of a note.

You can subscribe your child for the swimming BSO at the placement department (“afdeling Plaatsingen”) of Kinderopvang Wageningen. Your child will be put on a waiting list. The number of positions at the swimming BSO is limited, therefor we advise you to subscribe your child for swimming lessons at the swimming pool. The moment your child can be placed at the swimming BSO, the placement department will contact you and you will receive an application form of the swimming pool. With this form you can subscribe your child at the swimming pool. The swimming pool will send you the necessary information about the swimming methods, the lessons filing card, rules and agreements

to list all the points

  • What? Swimming lessons for certificate A during after school care time. The swimming lessons last for 45 minutes.
  • Where? At swimming pool “de Bongerd” in Wageningen
  • When? Friday afternoons during school weeks.
  • For whom? Children from 4 years and older.
  • Size of the group? Between 8 and 12 children per swimming group.
  • Costs? Kinderopvang Wageningen: regular costs for after school care.  Swimming pool “de Bongerd”: the costs for swimming lessons you can find on the website of the swimming pool
  • Please note the terms and conditions of the swimming pool regarding the validity of the lessons filing card and the way of checking out for a swimming lesson.
  • No lessons on Good Friday and Ascension Day.
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