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registrations child daycare, after school care and “Spelenderwijs”
The placement department arranges everything concerning your registration and placement of your child at one of our locations. But also after the care has started the placement department can help you, for instance when changes occur in your need for childcare, when your child transfers to another group or to the after school care or when you have questions regarding your invoice or the child care allowance. You can reach the placement department through e-mail or by telephone: 0317-412010.

order of placement
The order of placement will be determined by date of registration and a number of priority rules.

placement agreement
The placement department will contact you 4 to 5 months in advance (in case of “Spelenderwijs” this will be up to two or three months) to discuss the placement possibilities with you. In case you would like information about the days of care at an earlier stage, you can always contact the placement department.

Agreements will be registered in a placement agreement. By signing and sending back the agreement, you will accept the placement. From this moment onwards, our one month term of notice applies.

getting introduced at the location
Before the care starts, you will get a small tour at the location together with your child. You will meet with one of our pedagogic staff members and will be informed about practical matters and of course you can tell our pedagogic staff member all about your child. Finally a date will be set on which your child can come to the centre for a few hours to already start getting accustomed to the new environment.

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