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placements policy

We have a transparent placements policy with the following goals:

  • Dividing the places as fair and honest as possible,
  • Providing both parents and employees of our organization guidance and clarity,
  • Accomplishing a balanced age structure and continuity in the composition of the groups.

placement criteria

  1. Kinderopvang Wageningen strives to maitaken into takntain a balanced age structure and composition of the groups. This warranting flow to the elder “BSO” groups.
  2. New children will be placed year round, guaranteeing that not all children have their birthday in the same month and will go to the next group at the same time.
  3. While placing children, the sequence of the priority criteria stated below will be taken into account.
  4. You can take your baby to daycare when he or she is 10 weeks old.

priority criteria

The sequence of placing children will take place regarding the sequence of the following priority criteria. However, please take into account that a place will be no longer reserved than 2 months.

  1. School: children from a school coupled to the “BSO”.
  2. Brother/sister: children of whom a brother or sister is already at the centre; or children who are on the “BSO” already themselves.
  3. Child daycare: children that are already placed on the child daycare centre of the regarding after school care location.

The first criterium is most important, after that the second and finally the third criterium. In case the same priority criteria occur with two or more parents, number 1 of the placement criteria (to have a balanced age structure and composition of the group) will be decisive.

Meeting the right priority criteria does not guarantee the desired placement at the desired starting date.

waiting list

The placement department of Kinderopvang Wageningen receives a lot of questions regarding the waiting list and how we handle this list. Often misunderstandings arise about the word ‘waiting list’. It suggests a numbered list on which everyone will gradually become number 1. A waiting list for childcare is different, because lots of components have to be taken into account. For instance, while placing children we do not only look at the date of registration; but also the school the child attends, the group where the child needs a place, the child’s date of birth and the composition of the group. When a place becomes available, we reserve this place for the number one on the waiting list, for a maximum period of 2 months. In case this child needs a place at a subsequent stage, the placement offer will go to the next child on the list. There is also a possibility that a place is released for a child from one specific year of birth. In case a child with a different year of birth is on top of the waiting list, the place automatically goes to the next child, with the ‘right’ year of birth. Parents often ask how many children are listed on the waiting list before their child. We never answer this question, because this often leads to confusion. The waiting list changes constantly. By changes in existent waiting lists, children can get a place on the waiting list before your child. This can happen when a child is being registered that meets more priority criteria. In conclusion: the number of children listed before your child can rise and fall. You can trust we handle the waiting lists with the most possible accuracy and we will make sure to place as many children according to the priority criteria as possible.

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