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VVE (“voor- en vroegschoolse educatie”) stands for early childhood and preschool education. Its objective is to give children the opportunity to develop and prepare themselves for a successful start at primary school.

At the Spelenderwijs groups we work with the VVE method “Startblokken”(building blocks). This VVE-method typically focusses on stimulating the complete development of children. All children in a Spelenderwijs group benefit from this working method. The diverse composition of the groups also enriches the children’s learning environment. Exemplary behaviour shown by children has a positive influence on other children. Also, being able to help another child is an important step for children in their acquisition of social competences.

VVE recommendation
Children who need additional support will receive a recommendation for VVE. The Dutch “consultatiebureau” (child health centre) can issue a VVE recommendation, and can also do this in close consultation with the child care centre.
Children with a VVE recommendation will receive additional attention from the pedagogic staff. All pedagogic staff who work at the Spelenderwijs groups or other toddler groups have already received appropriate training or will be trained to work in Spelenderwijs groups. In case extra help is necessary, we seek advice from VVE coordinators. The VVE coordinators are employed by Wageningen city council. They support the pedagogic staff as well as the location manager with executing VVE at the different locations.

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