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There are 4 different arrangements available, depending on whether your child has a VVE recommendation and whether or not you are entitled to receive child allowance. Please see below which arrangement applies to your situation.

  Your child has VVE recommendation your child does NOT have a VVE recommendation
you are NOT entitled to childcare allowance  arrangement 1 arrangement 3
you are entitled to childcare allowance arrangement 2 arrangement 4

Wageningen city council subsidises Spelenderwijs education for children in arrangements 1 and 3. You will pay a parental contribution which is based on your income. The amount of your parental contribution can be found in the table on our “tarievenblad”.

If you are covered by arrangement 2 or 4, you may be entitled to a contribution to the costs through the child care allowance.
You can find more information on child care allowance here.

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