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registering for the “BSO” (after school care)
Registration and placement for the after school care does not go automatically. Around the third birthday of your child, we make an inventory whether or not your child will use “BSO” at the age of 4. You will receive a registrationform for after school care at the same time..

To which “BSO” location?
Which “BSO” your child will attend, is based on the primary school your child will go to. Each primary school is coupled with a close by, fixed after school care location. Besides this fixed “BSO” location, there is also an alternative coupled location. You can find an overview of the couplings here.

Connecting the primary schools with the after school care locations has a couple of advantages; because of the short distance between the school and the “BSO”, the children can usually walk to the “BSO” location with their own pedagogic staff and the traveling distance remains short. Also a good cooperation between the primary school and the after school care is possible: in case the school is closed, during school holidays or free school days, the coupled “BSO” will be open.

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